10 Useful Tips for Selecting an Internet Transmission Company for Your Event

There is currently a wide variety of solutions and professional video conferencing systems in the market, which could be classified into two types: traditional video conferencing systems, based on the use of room equipment, and video conferencing solutions in the cloud, based on hiring of managed services, and that appeared in the market barely two years ago. The service can be used to make live services, conferences, events and share visual information in a conference call with the environment. The selection of the best transmission service depends on the technological capabilities and the organizational needs of the company.

Today, leading manufacturers in the traditional video conferencing sector are experiencing serious difficulties to maintain their growth in previous years, as is the case of Polycom and the recent case of Lifesize, which is even seeing its video conferencing sales decrease in recent quarters. In contrast, solutions based on the cloud and Internet continue to grow quarter by quarter in the number of users. The main reason for the rise of cloud services is that the purchase of room equipment is optional, and also offer much more flexibility and versatility to the user. Even so, the differences between the different video conferencing solutions in the cloud are many and before hiring the service, the user should analyze their needs well as well as what the different solutions offer to ensure the success of their implementation.

Below we will give you 10 tips that are key when hiring a video conferencing service in the cloud:

  1. Cost: The companies that provide this type of service charge a monthly fee that may vary depending on the number of users who must have access to the service, as well as depending on the number of people who can coincide at the same time making use of the tool. Having these two aspects clear, we can make sure that the quota to pay perfectly fits our needs.
  2. Active participants in the meeting: it is necessary to know how many attendees we will have participating and how many will be spectators. If the number of spectators is high, you can hire a service that includes the webcast option, which consists of viewing the meeting in real time, without the possibility of intervening in the conversation. This option is very useful for companies that do distance training or so-called ‘webinars’, where there is a presenter with multiple assistants.
  3. Video conferencing, where will you do it?: Videoconferencing can be done from a meeting room, which will require a room team, from PCs equipped with a webcam or from smartphones or tablets.
  4. Software Compatibility: You must ensure that the software to be used is compatible not only with your system but also with the external users that you would like to connect to the service as guests.
  5. Bandwidth: you have to ask the supplier company the minimum speed requirements both upload and download for different supported quality profiles, especially in cases where there are several participants because not all technologies offer the same level of benefits to the user.
  6. Ease of use: The application must be simple and easy to use for any type of user, it must be taken into account that a large part of the users will not be computer experts and that we will often invite external participants, which is probably the First and perhaps only time they use our video conferencing tool.
  7. Technical support: The service provider must offer support and assistance to users in case they need it.
  8. On-Demand Platform: For companies that use the service to generate income through virtual conference this would be your best option.
  9. Compatibility with other applications: you should ask if the software is compatible with certain applications and platforms. When selecting a program, consider what may need to be integrated into the Internet service, such as spreadsheets of word processing software and external applications.
  10. Organization: make a list of what you want to do and all the necessary questions to make your choice much easier.

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