7 Designer add-ons for Mozilla Firefox user

Browser add-ons and extensions are the plug-ins you can add to your browsers that are usually used to extend the usefulness of browsers and to add extra functionality according to your own needs. Numerous types of add-ons are available for all major browsers which can be used to block ads or adding privacy etc. However, this post is specifically designated to discuss the Firefox add-ons that can be useful for web or graphic designers.

1. ColorZilla

Did you ever come across a situation when you really loved the color of some component on a webpage or from some pictures from Google Images? Well, we bet you did. You make your mind about how you’re going to play around with the color but the only problem is getting to know the color code so that you can use it for yourself. Traditionally, the method for extracting the color could be saving the image or taking a screenshot and then passing it through some kind of color picker to extract the color. However, Alex Sirota’s ColorZilla add-one available for Firefox (and now, also for chrome) is the easy way out. Just add the extension to your browser and easily pick colors for your use.

2. BuiltWith

Another very interesting add-one for chrome is BuildWith. This extension can be very useful for web designers as it provides the user with the list of all technologies that have been used to build a web page. The extension has been developed by the user called garazy and has over 8 thousand users.

3. Firebug

A very powerful tool that gives the user the ability to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript live in any web page. The tool was developed by Joe Hewitt, Jan Odvarko, robcee, Firebug Working Group and is used by over 800 thousand people.

4. CSS Usage

CSS usage is an extension of Firebug tool instead of a Firefox extension itself. This add-on, developed by Teun van Eijsden, lets you view which CSS rules are actually used on a given web page.

5. Sharp Color Picker

A tool very similar to ColorZilla, Sharp color picker can also be used to work with colors and to easily find the colors you want to form any webpage. Although it’s not as famous as ColorZilla, still managed to have over 5000 users. It was developed by Button Guy.

6. MeasureIt

At times, we need the best measurements to get the best design. MeasureIt is a very handy tool that can be used for this purpose. It can help find the height, width and all measurement related information for a given webpage by drawing a ruler across the page.

7. Platypus

The tool lets you edit or modify web pages conveniently and shows you these changes the next time you visit the site. It can be useful in a way that as a designer you get to play along with various components on your website before actually decided the final design.

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