Best Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator for Computer

Hotspots come in handy when you’re away from your house or work and you are not connected to your usual Wi-Fi connection. Now, using mobile hotspots is pretty common these days but did you know that you can also turn your computer into a hotspot? Wi-Fi hotspot creators can be used for this purpose which provides easy to configure software solution that can turn computers into Wi-Fi hotspots.

There a number of both free and paid Wi-Fi hotspot creators available in the market these days which anyone with a personal computer can use. So, let’s have a look those!

  • mHotspot

One of the famous tools which you’ll find in probably every list of good hotspot creator soft wares. The tool is free and convenient in use and can allow up to 10 devices to connect to it at the same time.

  • Hosted Network Starter

Hosted Network Starter is a free and easy to use software that you can use in order to convert your Windows PC or Laptop into Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • Thinix Wi-Fi Hotspot

Thinix Wi-Fi Hotspot is another useful tool which you can easily configure for use. One of the main advantages of using this tool is that it adds an extra layer of security and you can connect several devices through a single spot. However, window 10 users can face issues using the tool since it has some compatibility issue with the version.

  • MyPublic WiFi

MyPublicWiFimakes it very easy for the user to setup and configure the PC hotspot. The user just has to fill a given form and start using the tool without any further effort.

  • Connectify Hotspot

Connectify Hotspot can easily turn your PC into virtual Wi-Fi hotspot router so enjoy the wireless network on other devices.

  • Virtual Router Plus

Virtual Router Plus helps to provide a safe and secure connection for devices to connect to the hotspot PC. The tool uses encryption technology to ensure that the data is saved on any device using the Wi-Fi.

  • Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspot

Some of the advantages of using Baidu Wi-Fi Hotspot tool is that it does not require one to have any sort of technical knowledge and is a very light-weight tool.

  • My WiFi Router

Apart from the usual feature of providing the hotspot for other devices, My WiFi Router offers another facility that makes it an ideal choice. Well, through this tool, you can send or receive files, images or videos from one device to other without having any shared internet connection.

  • Mars WiFi

Just like Virtual Router Plus, Mars Wi-Fialso ensures safe and secure communication over the network and ensures the safety of personal information on all connected devices. The tool is also free is quite easy to use.

  • MaryFi

The tool is compatible with Windows 7 and allows connecting internet without any effort. It has an easy to use interface and can provide the functionality of a repeater i.e. it transfers signals from the Wi-Fi router which are then transferred to the PC using Wi-Fi hotspot.

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