How to Select the Best Android Tablet

So first of all, Congratulations that you are going to purchase your new Android Tablet. This article will help you to decide and select the best tablet for you.

There are a lot of things which you should know before purchasing an Android tablet. The specifications that you will choose would depend on you. For a basic purpose, simple specs are okay and if you want a tab for high-end work like multitasking you will require high RAM and good processor. If you are a traveling worker then you will require high battery backup. Workers with the bulk of data or files to the store would need more storage compatible tablets. Like these, there are other kinds of stuff that would become a factor for buying a new tablet, some important specifications you should look for are as follows:

Processor: The most important spec you need in your tablet is a good processor. Processors are the main CU (Control unit) they provide instructions to all other hardware to complete a task. It is just like our brain which is very crucial for our body to work. Android tablets have processors coming from various manufacturers like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, Samsung’s Exynos and MediaTek.

RAM: The second important spec you need in your tabled is high ram. Higher the RAM means higher the power which you can utilize to do multitasking. If you don’t do so much of multitasking then you can go for 1GB or maximum 2GB of RAM, but if you are a pro multitasking person than go for  4GB, 6GB or even more.

Storage: Most of the basic android tabs come packed with 8 GB or 16 GB storage whereas Windows tablets have 128GB or more than that storage space. But you are about to buy an android tablet and for that always look for expandable memory and SD Card slot. You can use a USB Hard drive as an alternative for storing files.

Battery Backup: Tablets should provide you a battery backup at least for one day. Most of the tabs give you all-day backup and some high-end tabs give you more backup. Check and compare the mAh of battery. But don’t always think that more mAh means more backup. You should also compare the features, specifications and power outage to determine the best battery backup.

Screen Size and Shape: Tablets should be of big screen size. It can be something like between less the screen size of a laptop or PC and more than the screen size of mobile. Always try to buy a tab of greater screen size than mobile phones. Best will be to go for more than 7 inches in size.

Other Features: The tablet which you are purchasing should offer wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Ports like onboard SD Card, SIM card, USB Flash Drive slots should be provided with a good purchase. USB slots are very important as it will connect the Keyboard and Mouse to your tablet if somehow you will require them. The camera doesn’t play the vital role in tablets but you need an average or nice camera if you will do online video chatting.