Top 7 Tips To Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

Tired of charging your cell each night? Let us tell you simple tips that you can use to extend your phone’s battery.

Indeed, even in 2018, it’s hard to go any longer than 24 hours without charging your cell phone. Better technology just hasn’t arrived yet. This means it’s down to software and settings to squeeze out the constrained power and keep your cell alive.

These days you’re never going to get seven days’ utilization out of a cell phone. Those huge, splendid screens alongside Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 4G are just too much for the phone.

Here are some good tips to extend the battery’s life of your phone:

1. Lessen the Brightness

You adore your cell phone’s beautiful display, however, it’s the battery’s real enemy. The display expends battery life at an overwhelming pace unlike any other component of the phone. Most cells have an auto-brightness feature include that naturally adjusts the screen’s display to suit the lighting levels. You’ll notice even better battery timing if you turn your screen’s brightness down to the least. Setting that you are comfortable with and then adjust accordingly.

2. Turn off the Bluetooth

Using blue-tooth with your headset, blue-tooth speakers or motion tracker consumes a lot of battery. Bluetooth is continually tuning in for signals from the outside world. When you aren’t in your car, or when you aren’t playing music remotely, kill the Bluetooth. You can add an hour or more to your phone’s battery life this way.

3. Keep the Wifi Off

Like Bluetooth, your phone’s Wi-Fi is a genuine battery drainer. While you will now and again need to utilize your home or office Wi-Fi association for the web, there’s little point in leaving the Wi-Fi on when you’re done. Flip it off when you go out, and turn it on when have you intend to use mobile data within the range of Wifi.

4. GPS and Location Services

Another huge battery user is applications utilizing GPS to monitor your location. You can turn off the application’s access to GPS and location services. Also, you can set levels (in Android) to decide how much power they utilize.

5. Close the Background Apps

Multitasking – the capacity to run more than one application at any given moment – is a good cell phone feature. It can likewise consume a considerable measure of batter. Each application you run utilizes your phone’s processor cycles. Therefore, keep a check on the background apps.

6. Keep the Vibration Off

 Vibrating utilizes substantially more power than playing a ringtone does. All things considered, a ringtone just needs a membrane in your phone’s speaker to vibrate enough to create sound.

Conversely, the vibration gets your entire phone to shake. This obviously takes significantly more power.

7. Short Screen Time-Out

Screen Time-out controls to what extent your phone’s screen remains lit in the wake of getting input, for example, a tap.

Every second is important to set your timeout to the shortest time.

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