Computer engineering definition: If you find the areas of information technology and/or computer science interesting and would like to pursue a career in one of the branches, you may have asked yourself exactly what computer technology is. Below is an answer to these and some other questions related to the field of computer technology.

Computer technology – a brief overview

Although generally defined, computer technology is practically a discipline that acts as a connection between several sectors in the fields of computer science and electrical engineering. The main technical areas of computer technology are:

  •         Networks
  •         Cyber ​​security
  •         The intelligence of the machine
  •         Design Automation
  •         biomedical
  •         Integrated systems
  •         Computer software

Computer engineer – roles and responsibilities

Since the activity in the field of computer technology is carried out by computer engineers, understanding the roles and responsibilities that these people fulfill can give you a greater awareness of the field. People working in computer technology develop computer software and hardware and generally have training in the fields of software design, electronics and software-hardware integration, as well as electronics and software engineering. Computer engineers play an important role in various software and hardware aspects of the computer process, including the creation of individual supercomputers, personal computers and microprocessors.

While the roles and responsibilities above can give you a deeper awareness of what computer engineers do, the depth and scope of their work is wider. Not only do computer engineers perform the tasks listed above, they also develop strategies to make computers smaller, faster, and more functional. Computer engineers often work to improve their ability to “think” and “see”. With the advancement of technology that has made mobile devices popular, computer engineers are keen to make computing devices more mobile. In addition, many people in this sector are developing strategies for integrating Computer Differences into clothing and fabrics.

Computer technology – career opportunities

People with a degree in computer technology often earn the highest starting salary in engineering. Working in this area has the additional advantage that the computer engineer can choose between positions in the hardware and software areas or mixing these two areas. Some of the industries that typically employ computer engineers are:

  •         Financial Services
  •         Computer manufacturers
  •         Chemical company
  •         Defense contractors
  •         consultation
  •         transport
  •         manufacturing
  •         consumer Goods

It is also important to know that computer engineers can work successfully for both small startups and multinational companies.

Software developer

Software developers are people who create computer programs. Some software developers create applications that allow users to perform certain tasks on PCs or electronic devices. Typically, software developers acquire a bachelor’s degree in computer science and have in-depth knowledge of computer programming. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, software developers earn an average annual salary of $ 93,350.


If you have considered a career in computer technology, you must remember that this can be an economic reward in addition to personal fulfillment. Now that you know what computer technology is, you can determine if this is an appropriate and beneficial career path for you.

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